Huguenot Children's Library

Huguenot Children’s Library

The Huguenot Children’s Library is located on North Avenue, close to the New Rochelle High School, and is the New Rochelle Public Library’s branch devoted exclusively to children. It houses an extensive collection of juvenile print and non-print resources, child-sized furniture and computers with appropriate programs, and a warm, inviting environment. It is staffed by trained children’s librarians and clerks. Preschool programs, vacation and summer programs, “Summer Fun” on the Patio, and other activities take place through-out the year. Programs and physical improvements to the building are supported with funds raised by the library’s founding organization, the Partnership for the Huguenot Children’s Library."

New Rochelle Public Library

New Rochelle Public Library

"The New Rochelle Public Library offers a comprehensive collection that includes retrospective and current materials; up-to-date technology by which information can be accessed; and a wide range of community services and programs tailored to a diverse audience."